About Basketpong: beer pong, basketball, tailgating, balls, cups, drinking games

Basketpong is a new and revolutionary tailgating game that optimizes portability by utilizing an easily assembled, compact setup with a vertical backboard.

Xtreme Pong Sports and Basketpong feature:
  • Portable & lightweight design
  • Dedication to our customers
  • Nationwide College Circuit Tour
  • Unique image, selective sponsors
  • Comprehensive promotional strategy
  • Job & career opportunities for the ambitious
  • Quality assurance
  • Organized regional & national tournaments
  • Alternate games utilizing Basketpong apparatus
About Basketpong: beer pong, basketball, tailgating, balls, cups, drinking games

Basketpong one-ups the competition! Its portability is tailored for tailgating with a vertical backboard that attaches to a pole that is supported by a base, similar to a basketball goal. The backboard has eight slots to insert rims in different patterns. The rims secure the cups to the backboard. This allows you to play the game at different skill levels: with a standard pyramid (Pro Level), an upside down pyramid (All-Star) or play to the Xtreme with all 8 cups on the backboard at once for a more challenging experience.

Basketpong is designed for two teams of two, with 2 Basketpong balls, a shooting distance of 8 feet and a playing height of 6 feet. But players can quickly and easily adjust any of these variables. Opposing teams alternate shooting Basketpong balls at the other team's Basketpong goals. The first team to clear all of the cups from the opposing team's goal wins the game! Please check out the RULES page for more details on how to play Basketpong.

We here at Xtreme Pong Sports grew tired of dragging tables around over the past decade, and that frustration coupled with our continued passion for tailgating manifested itself in the creation of Basketpong. So give your back a rest and get verticalized with the next big tailgating game to come to market!