How To Play


  1. 2 - 4 players with 2 Basketpong balls
  2. A goal is placed with a shooting distance of 8 feet
  3. To establish the order in which each player goes, they must shoot at the bottom center cup
  4. The player with possession will have 2 shots at the goal
  5. If one or more shots are missed then the player up next gains possession
  6. If both shots are made in different cups the player gets to shoot again (MAKE IT - TAKE IT)
  7. If both shots are made in the same cup, the player forfeits possession but a second cup is removed at the shooters choice
  8. Cups that are made are removed from the backboard
  9. The player to clear the most cups from the goal wins the game
  10. If the score is tied between 2 or more players then the game must go into over time



  1. 2 - 4 players with 2 Teams and 2 Basketpong balls
  2. Place goals 10 feet apart with a shooting distance of 8 feet (Free throw/tape line can be used to mark shooting point).
  3. 6 cups will be placed in a triangle formation (1 top, 2 middle, and 3 bottom rims).
  4. Team 1 faces Team 2 from opposite goals
  5. To establish possession, either flip a coin or rock, paper, sissors.
  6. The Team that gains possession will each have a shot at their opponents goal
  7. When shooting you are allowed to lean over tape-line (while on or behind line), but you CANNOT follow through and step over the line while shooting.
  8. If one or more shots are missed then the opposing Team takes possession
  9. If both shots are made in different cups the Team gets "AND ONE" (One ball back).
  10. Cups that are made are removed from the backboard, along with the rim.
  11. The ball can only be blocked if LIVE. The ball is ONLY live after a rim is hit otherwise its GOALTENDING and will be penalized a cup (Shooting Teams Choice)
  12. The first Team to clear all of the cups from the opposing Teams goal wins the game.
  13. Distractions ARE allowed, but you must stand behind or beside the equipment and not pass the plane of the backboard
    (no waving hands if front of backboard).
    - First offense is a violation, and opposing team gets a re-shot.
    - Second offense is a techinical foul, and the opposing team gets a re-shot and one extra shot.
    - AGAIN, if contact is made with ball before it hits the rim, rule #11 applies.



  1. The Team with all of their cups eliminated gets one last chance to eliminate the opponents remaining cups (REBUTTAL)
  2. In a Rebuttal situation each player of the Team that had their cups eliminated gets to shoot until they miss (MAKE IT - TAKE IT)
  3. If the game is forced into overtime, the cups are placed into a triangle formation (Top Center, and Both Middle Rims) and then resume the game under the same Rules & Regulations.
  4. In the event of multiple overtime situations, these same overtime rules will continue to apply until a team has won.

All players please have fun & conduct yourselves in a respectful manner to each other, the audience, general public, the establishment or host, and to the sport of BASKETPONG...


Horse is the same game we all played as kids with one minor addition, when you get a letter you also have to drink the cup you were aiming for.

To refresh everyone's memory on how to play, here are the rules:

H-O-R-S-E is played with two or more people. The object is to be the last to accrue the five letters, H-O-R-S-E. Player #1 is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court. If he or she makes the shot, then Player #2 must duplicate the same shot from the same position.

If Player #2 misses, he/she receives the first "letter" from the word "horse", "H" and has to remove the cup he/she was aiming for and drink the contents in the cup.

If Player #2 makes the shot, no letter is given to either player, no one has to drink, no cup is removed, Player #2 receives control of the ball, and he/she can select a new shot from anywhere on the court.

The game continues like this until one player has all five letters H-O-R-S-E. If a player calls his shot beforehand, then the shot must be made exactly as called or it doesn't count. Players may not repeat a "made" shot. Once a shot has been made in one place or style, it cannot be taken again. The first player to spell "horse" loses.